Flower Sunrise

Another one in the never-ending series of pictures that fall under the category of “Shots I almost didn’t get because I was too lazy,” this is kind of a simple picture of a flower at sunrise but there’s a few things that stand out to me not only about the photo but about how it was shot, so I figured it was fairly well suited to end up here on the blog. We have had an unusual amount of rain in Oklahoma this year, with May being the wettest month ever since records have been kept. So much precipitation, in fact, that sunny mornings like this have been more the exception than the rule. This has led to an incredible amount of greenery and other natural growth that doesn’t usually happen until a bit later in the year, if at all, and is part of what made this shot possible in the first place.

As I was driving to work (instead of biking, thanks to the wet weather) I saw this field near our house that had exploded in yellow flowers overnight. My first thought was “Hmm, that would make a good picture” and then I just kept driving. Seriously, I almost didn’t get this picture because I decided I couldn’t spare 30 seconds to stop my car and walk across the street. Thankfully I quickly realized that this was a pretty lame course of action especially given how often I preach about getting your camera off the shelf and going out to shoot with it. A half block later I pulled into a parking lot, grabbed my camera, and ran back to the field to take a few pictures because…well, why not?

I liked how the sun was peeking over the horizon which not only gave a nice bit of backlighting on the flowers, but also gave the rain and dew on the ground an ethereal, almost otherworldly look. (Truth be told it reminds me of some areas deep within the planet Zebes.) I purposely left the image a bit low in overall contrast to give it a somewhat dreamy quality, as if you were looking at it soon after waking up before your vision has cleared. As is my custom I did not review the shots on-site, and instead just got in my car and continued on my drive to work hoping I got a good picture. Turns out I did, or at least I got one that I’m happy with. And really, that’s often all that matters with photography anyway :)

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