One thing about wasps, bees, and other flying stinging insects that I have realized while out with my camera is that, in general, they aren’t really interested in harming you. Mostly they just want to go about their business and let you do the same, and it’s only if they feel imminently threatened that they will take more serious action…such as fly away. If push comes to shove they will sting you, but it’s generally as a last resort. So when we took our kids to a local marsh-slash-wetlands area recently, we saw this little fella walking around some grassy tufts and generally keeping a bit of a distance from us while we moseyed on past. I wanted to get a closer look though, and carefully poked my 50mm lens a bit closer than what I thought was advisable, and it was then that I realized he was carrying something in his formidable mandibles. He turned and gave me an imposing glare, as if to say “This is mine, and don’t think about coming an inch closer.” I snapped a few shots, backed up a bit, and parted the grass a bit so my son could see the wasp as well. We watched him as he stared back us, each party giving the other a healthy dose of respect and a wide berth. Soon we went on our way, he went his, and though I might never know what this wasp had in his mouth or where he was going, I’m glad that we got to catch a little glimpse into his afternoon.


  1. Nifty shot, thanks for sharing. It’s a spur me on kind of picture.

    • Glad you like it! If it’s a spur-me-on kind of photo, I’d be interested in what it inspires you to take with your camera :)

  2. A spooky looking fellow! Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned or . . . the sting of a wasp!

    • Or the sting of several. My coworker told me that these wasps are particularly nasty, but not until after I already took the photo. Hmm…

  3. Thanks for the shout out! This is a great photo, the first thing I noticed was that he’s (or she’s?) almost completely a solid brown/orange color. Not what I would expect to see when I think of a wasp.

    Here’s a link to the picture you mentioned: http://imgur.com/tlghqj4

    • Yeah, I thought the coloring was a bit odd as well. Apparently, according to my coworker, this is a Red Wasp and, like the asps in Raiders of the Lost Ark, they are very dangerous. She also thinks it’s a cicada larva that it was carrying. Yeesh. Thanks for posting the link to your picture, by the way. I’m still impressed that you were able to snag that with a 35mm lens :)

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