Prima Luce

As I’m posting this photo, the classic Monty Python phrase comes to mind: “And now for something completely different.” This is a good example of why I started this Weekly Fifty blog in the first place, which was to motivate me to keep taking pictures and try new things in doing so. The backstory here comes from an early morning when I was awake before anyone else and, thanks to what was honestly just one of those flashes of inspiration you get from time to time, I thought I would take advantage of the very dim light and do some long-exposure photography. I wanted to stay inside in case my kids woke up and started fussing (I like to let my wife stay asleep when those things happen) so I literally just wandered around the kitchen looking for ideas. I found an apple in the fridge, set it on the table, and wondered what I could do to capture a picture of it in some kind of unique way.

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