Low Rainbow

You want to know the difference between your iPhone camera and a DSLR with a 50mm lens? Take a look at this photo of the Low Library on the OSU campus, and now look at the one below which I took about 30 seconds later with my iPhone:

Granted the latter might be considered somewhat cheating as it’s actually a panoramic photo, but you get the point: the wide angle of view on an iPhone camera can fit way, way more in the frame than the limited angle of a 50mm lens. For the sake of comparison, if we adjusted for sensor size and compared these two imaging devices on a level playing field the focal length of the iPhone 5C on which the lower image was shot would be roughly 31mm while the 50mm on a crop-sensor camera (which is what I used to make the top image) would be 75mm. That’s a massive difference, and hopefully illustrates why the latter is so much more limiting: you honestly can’t fit much in the frame!

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