Panning and Biking

Sunny Day Biking

We got a new bike for our department at work, so Ryan decided to take it out for a spin.  I figured it would be a good opportunity to try a few panning shots, and of the roughly 20 that we took I was only happy with this one (though another one was decent, but just a tad too blurry for my taste).  Ryan was kind enough to oblige my curiosity and bike in circles around the student union plaza while I fiddled with my camera.  This was on a clear day at roughly 3pm, so a neutral density filter would have been really handy but thankfully f/16 (as slow as my 50mm lens goes) was able to handle the job decently well.


  1. WOW this picture is awesome, I love the blurred background with the perfectly frozen subject. Extra points because the wheels are still in motion :)

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