Another example of how a bit of sunlight (but not too much) can work wonders for a photograph. This was just before sundown, at roughly 7pm (check the EXIF data on Flickr if you want to know for sure), when I was playing with my son at the park. Normally a tricycle might not seem like a good subject for a photo, but in this case I wanted to see what I could do given the available light and the relative calm of the park. But in this case I think it turned out OK, and I even tried a few different poses, so to speak of the tricycle itself. I was kind of going for that automobile-advertisement concept. Not sure if this would make it in a spread in Tricycles Monthly, but maybe I should give it a shot :)


  1. Richard Wilson says

    Nice simple photograph, it reminds me of the same photograph taken by William Eggleston that sold for over 578,000 dollars at auction.

    • Thank you! I had not seen Eggleston’s photograph before, but I like his simple composition and the fact that his tricycle is clearly in a suburban context with houses in the background. Thanks for sharing!

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