After the Rain

After the Rain

I have had a photo like this in mind for several years, but was never quit sure how to exactly go about capturing it. The idea came to me when I saw an old Mac desktop wallpaper with wet blades of grass, and ever since then I wanted to take a similar photo. I don’t think this one does a good job of capturing the essence of the original, but I sort of tried to put my own spin on it and come up with something a bit different. Also, this shows one benefit of having a 24 megapixel camera too. While most of the time I leave my 50mm lens on my D200, I had to crop this so much that there just wasn’t enough room to work with given that camera’s 10 megapixels. Fortunately my D7100 was there to save the day :)


  1. Nice shot of a single bead of rain, Simon!

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