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General Index

If you follow this blog you will likely notice that most of the photos are taken outdoors with plenty of light. This is partially due to the limitations of a 50mm lens, which on a crop sensor camera like my D200 has a very narrow field of view (for more information see this DPS article). Indoors it’s just not possible to move back from a given subject enough to properly compose a photo, but outdoors I have much more room to move around. The other issue at play is my D200 itself, which has quite a bit of noise at ISO 800 and above. Now, I could just stick my 50mm lens on my D7100 to address the latter issue, but I like to think of it as a challenge instead: how can I make the most out of what I’ve got? This photo is one result. I went to the library on campus and tried photographing a long shelf of books such that it looked like they were receeding into infinity. This image looks a tad photoshopped, but it’s not (other than basic adjustments like saturation/contrast/etc. which have to be applied to all RAW files). The General Index book was thick enough that I was able to tug on the left side a bit so it stuck out at a slight angle, which made it possible to make the title readable but not overwhelm the entire image. The rest of the blur is just a nice benefit of a gigantic aperture focusing at very close range.

In case you’re wondering, here’s the photo taken by a former student that I mention in the audio commentary.

As a side note, this book reminded me of a similar Index. I wonder if pulling this book out entirely would release the Flood…


  1. Chris W. says

    Thanks for the ‘weekly offering’. I enjoy your audio posting and the informality of your audio. Makes me think about my photography and what the possibilities and new approaches could be. In particular, your approach to use what you have on hand—older camera and a basic prime 50mm lens resonates, as opposed to the constant chase to buy more elaborate and high tech equipment is appreciated– it matches my own values.
    I am going to India for 3 months travel by train on 17 Sept ’14—first visit there at 68 years of age and am excited about the photographic possibilities. Should you have interest, here is a link to a blog that I have commenced:

    Keep the posts coming.
    Kind rgds.,
    Chris Wilkinson.

    • Thank you so much, Chris. I appreciate your comments, and look forward to following your journey through India. It’s funny…even though I have a D7100, I enjoy the rugged simplicity of my D200 and use it just as much, if not more, than its newer counterpart. I think we can sometimes get caught up in ISO numbers, AF points, dynamic range, and all sorts of marketing bullet points when really, the best thing to do is use the equipment you already have and start taking more photos! I like that you are bringing your Lumix ZS3 to India, by the way. I have a Lumix ZS7 and it’s my go-to camera any time I travel. DSLRs are great, but it’s hard to beat the portability and functionality of those little pocket cameras :)

  2. Interesting, gives me an idea to create an ad for my books, with the main focus on the single book effect like that.

    • You know, that would be awesome. It would be a fantastic way to showcase your books, Tom! If I lived in Lincoln I would be over to your house right away to get some pictures :) I wonder who up there might be able to make something like this happen?

      • Perhaps David Roberdeue. He is a very talented photographer. He used to live to the exact east of Russ’s and his family took care of Newt. He has volunteered his time to take a slide show of the first few chapters of 8-Ball for me, so perhaps he could work on this for me.

        • Good idea, man. It’s hard to overestimate the power of a couple good photographs when it comes to self-promotion. I think I remember David from my Russ’s days, come to think of it. Is he in his mid-to-late 20’s? I could be thinking of someone else…

  3. john Van Sice says

    Actually the secret entrance for 007 to Qs lab

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