The Coast is Clear

The Coast is Clear

Sometimes I’m amazed at how much mileage I can get out of the magnolia tree. Whenever I need some inspiration for a photograph, I just look around at one of these oddities and soon enough, as Henry Jones once said, “The solution presents itself.” I was certainly not expecting to get a picture of a bee mid-flight here, but I do like how it turned out. The only thing I’m not happy with, and that I will continue working towards, is how the bee is ever so slightly obscured by the flower petal. It would be awesome to get a picture of a bee hovering right by a flower, and one day I’ll get it, but for now this is probably the best bee picture I can recall taking. The thing about those little suckers is they won’t stay in one place and generally respond quite poorly to my humble requests to do so. A nice telephoto lens might have made this picture a little easier, since due to the limitations of my 50mm lens I had to stand about 2 feet away and hope the bees did not sting me. But the nice part is I got a cool closeup view of some magnificent flowers which, much to my surprise, had wilted the very next day.


  1. Ah, such are the risks one takes to get the perfect picture of bees. Stingers!

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