This photo is somewhat of a companion to the one I posted on July 23, titled “After the Rain.” The original was sort of a proof-of-concept, since I had not really taken a picture like it before, and during a subsequent rainstorm I wanted to go out and see if I could get another one like it. Well, to be honest, I wasn’t actively seeking a photo opportunity–I just wanted to go out for a brief walk during a peaceful morning rain, the likes of which we have not seen here in Oklahoma in several years. But since I had my D200 with me I figured I might as well see if I could get a picture or two. After a few minutes I saw this cluster of leaves with crystal drops clinging to the tips, and got a few shots from a couple different angles. I was not expecting much, but I quite like what I was able to capture. I shot this at f/1.8 which gave a nice sense of foreground and background due to the shallow depth of field, and at 1/200 of a second I was able to (unintentionally, mind you) catch a few raindrops streaking towards the ground in the bottom-left corner of the picture. I like the sense of life and motion at work here, but there’s something else fairly unique: the subject is directly in the middle of the photo. If you look at my images here you will notice that more often than not, I place the subject on the left or right side. But this time the focal point is right in the center, and I kind of like it. I did not crop this at all, and applied only a few color tweaks in Lightroom. I guess it just goes to show you never know when a photo opportunity might strike.


  1. Sorry, Simon, a better title for this would be “Crystal Tears,” but hey, that’s just me. Then some dogmatic religious whack-job may criticize you for even suggesting that God cries tears, right?

    • Crystal Tears…I like it. Way better than “Thirst.” I should have called you before I put the name on it!

  2. Tripod or no?

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