I don’t normally hang out on the third floor of parking garages, but that’s exactly where I found myself the other day when I took this shot. I was not looking for anything in particular, and to be honest I didn’t really see much of anything worth photographing for a while (probably because I just wasn’t looking hard enough) but when I decided to point my camera downward a whole new perspective opened up to me that I had not previously considered. I found this particular intersection of sidewalks and waited for someone to walk by, because I didn’t think the concrete itself was particularly interesting. Seeing someone walking adds a sense of motion and context that would otherwise be missing, and even though the big round street lamp adds kind of an unnecessary element to the shot I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out overall. I think it would be cool to come back in the morning or evening and get a picture with the glow of the lamp, so who knows, you might see something like that showing up here on this blog one day :)


  1. I took the road less traveled by most and it has made the difference every day . . . quote from Larry Norman

    • Tom, as long as I have known you, you have never been content to take any roads at all but instead forge your own path where none before have dare trod.

  2. I have also been taking shots from above. We had a balcony at our last place and I took black and white picture of people walking by. I used my Canon G15 and not my Rebel ands labeled them “street photograpy” . We have another balcony at our new place but does not look on the street side walk. I may try my Nifty Fifty from there.

    • I like the idea of shooting photos from your balcony, Thomas. It would be a similar scene each day, but you would see lots of different people doing lots of different things. I’m still a bit fuzzy on what the definition of “street photography” is (seems like everyone has their own definition), but this certainly sounds like it would fit ;)

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