TWiP Family: Why You Should Have a Photo Blog

Good morning everyone! I know this is a bit strange to have an update on Thursday morning with no picture to go along with it, but I wanted to let you know about a podcast episode I recently recorded for the “This Week in Photo” network. It’s all about blogging and I used my experience with Weekly Fifty as the background for much of what I had to say. I thought you might find it interesting so I’m posting the link here:

TWiP Family 56: Why You Should Have a Photo Blog with Simon Ringsmuth



  1. How cool! I listen to this podcast weekly! Will look forward to it!

    • That’s awesome Lisa! I am an avid listener as well and I was so thrilled that Jenny would have me on for an episode.

  2. Hi Simon. I have been keeping my blog for several years. My intention as a blogger is to share my love of trail walking with others and encourage them to go out with their camera to see what they can find along the trail. Because I enjoy spending time in the outdoors year round, as well as writing and improving as a photographer, I state that right at the beginning of my blog. I always respond to people who leave comments because I enjoy engaging with others and hearing what they have to say. I see two ways in which I fail as a blogger. One is that I don’t keep to a regular blogging schedule, i.e. Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday or a similar schedule that I can consistently maintain. My other downfall is not consistently putting aside enough time to visit other blogs and respond to them…something I enjoy doing, but finding enough time is the crunch! I enjoy your Weekly Fifty and appreciate the suggestions you’ve made in this article. Just thought I would chime in based on my own experiences with my blog Seen Along the Trail.

    • Thanks so much for your comments Carolyn, and I appreciate your insight as someone who has been blogging for years. I completely agree with you in that I also like to respond to all the comments as it’s a fun way to keep my readers engaged, though as you mentioned I also don’t spend enough time visiting and commenting on other blogs. I feel like it’s kind of something I should be doing to be a good citizen of the internet, and yet I don’t take enough time to do it either. I am curious about your blog though! Can you post a link to it? I’d love to check it out :)

  3. Simon, this article from On Taking Pictures sort of added to what I got from your interview. And added to the sense of photography mission:

    • That was a fascinating read, William. I really like the author’s idea of purposeful practice, and since reading it I have thought about how I can apply that to my own photography. It’s not enough to just go out and take pictures. If I really want to improve I have to be intentional, have clear goals in mind, and have a way of knowing whether I have actually improved.

      I read the whole article and found it highly interesting, and I am so glad you shared it :)

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