Colors of the Season

Colors of the Season

I shot this photo after work in November 2016 while walking to my car (not my bike. it was chilly that day!) and happened to see a patch of colorful leaves on the ground which looked like it could make for a halfway decent photo opportunity. And really, that’s about all this is. It’s a picture I would consider not especially good, but halfway decent. I like it but wouldn’t frame it, and I think it’s OK but could be better. So why am I posting it here on Weekly Fifty? Because this picture represents what my blog is all about: growth, progress, and forcing me to keep taking pictures even if I don’t think they will be all that noteworthy.


The more I look at this image the more I actually do think it bears a little closer examination especially due to the shallow depth of field which resulted from shooting a close subject (the curled leaf in the center) at a wide aperture of f/1.8. As I have said repeatedly here on this blog I generally don’t like shooting wide open especially with close subjects because the depth of field goes from an interesting compositional choice to a blurry distraction, but I actually think it works quite well here for one reason: it creates a sense of motion. Even though there was virtually no wind when I took the picture, the blurred foreground and background combined with the bent and twisted nature of the various leaves and grasses imparts a sense of kinetic energy into the picture which I kind of like. Then again, perhaps this is all just in my mind and I’m imagining something where nothing actually exists, but when I look at the picture now it’s hard for me to not envision leaves actually swirling around like you might see on a crisp autumn day.


  1. It may interest you to know that the very first impression I got of this photo was one of motion. Actually a little dizzying until my eyes found the focal point and “settled”. Love the colors, and always, love the story behind the photo.

    • That’s good to know Kyla! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who got a little dizzy looking at that photo :) I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Them is such nice colors, very pretty, reminds me of my Grandma’s curtains that she once wore as a dress in her old house. Awesome!

  3. Should have cropped the image,else the composition is good, you were more interested in the RED leaf as opposed to anything else in the image as I can see it?.

    • Thanks for your comment, Dr. Al. I did think about cropping the image to focus more on the red leaf in the center, but I actually prefer a wider un-cropped view so I could get a sense of the surroundings too.

  4. It is easy to envision the movement that the shallow depth of field implies. This is another reason to learn to shoot in manual, or at least AV Mode.

    I’ll have to remember this for my next class.

    • Thanks Rebecca! You know, if you would ever be able to record your classes and put the videos on YouTube I’d love to see them. You seem like an outstanding teacher (the best teachers are always learning!) and it would bring in a whole new audience too :)

  5. Simon, I really, really like this shot! First of all, I want you to know that I’m a big fan of Lensbaby lenses and optics of which I have many, and that I have a fine arts background.

    If a person prefers a picture sharp from front to back, and I have some photographer friends who prefer that, this picture isn’t going to be all that appealing to them. However, I have photographer friends who appreciate the very sharp pictures, but also like the more “artsy” pictures too, and use their cameras as an art medium as well, controlling blurriness and bokeh in their close up shots.

    The color and composition are very pleasing to me. IMO, you took an opportunity to take a picture that otherwise would be a “nothing”, and with the wide open aperture, turned it into something!

    • CathyAnn, I’m afraid I’m showing my ignorance here but I didn’t even know what LensBaby was until you mentioned it! I did a bit of searching and all I can say is…my goodness those look like some fun lenses accessories! I might have to pick one of those up :) Do you have an online gallery where you have any of your own shots posted?

      • I have posted very little online. A few have been posted on Ugly Hedgehog, the photographer’s forum. I use the name “CathyAnn” on there. I can be messaged on there. Then, if you want to, I can send additional pictures that are representative of the different Lensbaby/Optics that I have. Lensbabies are a blast to play with! lol!

  6. I love the way you tell story of the picture you post. is it called photo-blog? Your pictures are always sharp with the insights into the photo shoot has always been very informative.

    • Thank you Thothar! I’m not exactly sure what I would call Weekly Fifty…perhaps it’s a photo blog, but perhaps it’s some kind of educational blog. I’m not really sure :) Either way it’s something I like doing and I’m glad you are enjoying it as well!

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